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Amps by Fuchs Audio Technology

photo by Brett Brohman
I have owned every Fender made.   As good as they are, the challenge has always been; how do I get all the sustain and drive I want without loosing the character of the Stratocaster?   I continued my quest one afternoon in my friend's basement (essentially a boutique amp warehouse).   There were only three amps that blew me away as soon as I plugged in.   Without even spinning any dials I could not believe the tone.   Out of all those amps, all three were Fuchs ®.   The decision was made.   Fuchs ® is it! I have chosen the ODS-30 because I need scalability for the variance in venue sizes that I play.   For Larger rooms I just add more speakers.   I love it.   Thank you Andy!

James Trussart Guitars
I have a select number of guitars that I could never part with, not because they are valuable but because over a period of time the guitar becomes a part of you… an appendage.   When I picked up this one of a kind Blue Gator in New Orleans, it felt as though it was already a part of me.   I cannot recall ever responding to an instrument so immediately before.   Now it is my main guitar. It so crisp, so percussive. It plays so well.

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