Recorded Live at the world famous Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksale, MS
Jam Zero I

Nellie "Tiger" Travis
Cheryl Arena
Daddy Rich
Eric Fowler
Mark Yacovone
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Jam Zero I is great.  Guitar Mikey's singing and playing are superb..... great band too.   The sound mix is fabulous.  I really like the way they mixed the drums, I liked the big boomy sound.   Cheryl Arena is quite the harpster.
~ Gary Curtis - The Spec
(Jan 19, 2008)

Guitar Mikey, a.k.a. Mike McMillan, is a Hamilton guy who was wowing them from an early age.   He went to a Muddy Waters concert at age 11, and when his dad came to pick him up afterward, Mikey was back stage, talking to the great man himself.   He has been playing in working bands since age 12.   Guitar Mikey helped form the Steel City Blues Band in 1980, and that year it won first place, in a field of 50 bands, at the UNICEF telethon.   Shortly after, the band would welcome new member King Biscuit Boy, no less.   In the '90s Mikey moved to the U.S. and has lived in Chicago, New England and now Clarksdale, Miss., where, blues legend has it, Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil in return for the key to the blues.   It's also Waters' hometown.

* Lonely Man
* All Your Love
* Clarksdale
* Mystery Train
* Hoochie Coochie Man
* Let Me Love You Baby
* Little Red Rooster
* Let The Good Times Roll
* I'd Rather Go Blind
* Boogie Thing

Guitar Mikey And The Real Thing

It takes stones to put your instrument before your first name and make it legal, like if I called myself Musical Taste Jeffy.   You hear two bars of Mikey's live record from the crossroads, and you know the man's papers are in order; his axe is whetstoned and his chops just chop right through you.   This is some of the most justified, jumped-up live blues I've heard in awhile.   The band is tight, the singing strong (great guest spot by Nellie "Tiger" Travis) and if you love five-alarm blues guitar, this is for you.   It's full of classics -- Little Red Rooster, Hoochie Coochie Man -- and Mikey and band leave their unique fingerprints on them.  

Guitar Mikey & The Real Thing
Jam Zero I

(C) 2007, Gary W. Miller 2007-12-04

Guitar Mikey comes on strong, with flashes of razor-edged picking and incredible fireworks on the guitar.   His CD release party, at Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, MS, had the whole joint absolutely jumping.   This guy is a volatile player with energy galore.   Here is Blues-Rock & Delta roots fused together, making for startling displays of fretwork and pure Funkiness.   From originals to old favorites, Mikey does a fine job of meshing the old with the new.   The CD is a true Jam, featuring Guitar Mikey on guitar, Eric Fowler on Drums, Daddy Rich on Bass, Cheryl Arena on Harp, Marc Yacovone on Keyboards and Nellie Tiger Travis on several vocal tracks.  

His haunting version of All Your Love shows off his flashy fretwork and imaginative style.   Daddy Rich s Clarksdale is here and is already a hit in Clarksdale on WROX radio.   This is Mikey & the band s version, which is great, as you can hear from the crowd response.   Nellie Tiger Travis version s of Let the Good Times Roll & I d Rather Go Blind may be covers, but they are more than just competent covers.   She really belts out the Blues & we expect to hear much more from her.   There are a lot of covers here, however they are all well done and imaginative.   One thing for sure is that Mikey s guitar-playing is HOT!

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