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Guitar Mikey CD Release Party at Ground Zero
Clarksdale Press Register - November 6th, 2007

Wednesday November 7th at 8PM will be the release party for Guitar Mikey And The Real Thing’s new album “Jam Zero I”.

Clarksdale’s most recent music acquisition; Guitar Mikey is coming out in his new home town on fire. “Guitar Mikey is really raising the bar around here, both with his professionalism and musical innovation”,according to many locals, musicians and otherwise.

Since Guitar Mikey’s high impact at this year’s Juke Joint Festival, he has become a regular fixture at Ground Zero Blues Club. Part of that has been as a host for the Thursday Jams where he has been attracting friends like blues diva Nellie “Tiger” Travis to come and sit in. Drummer/Producer Eric Fowler (who plays with Mikey) began recording some of the Pre-Festival jams and GZBC and now it has evolved to the first of a potential series of CDs.

“Jam Zero I”, the first in the series will feature Clarksdale’s own Daddy Rich, Texas harp player Cheryl Arena and Nellie “Tiger” Travis. Ms. Travis originally hailing from Mound Bayou, MS has been a high profile fixture in Chicago for years. Mikey began his musical connection with Nellie while living in Chicago in the late 90s; often sharing Nellie’s stage at Chicago’s Kingston Mines. Mikey included Nellie in a blues review that traveled as far a Dallas Texas. This past June Mikey was invited to join Nellie on the main stage of the Chicago Blues Festival. “Nellie is not a blues belter”, Mikey says. “Her smokey voice is truly soulful with an allure to trap any ears connected to a musical heart. It is always a pleasure to see her perform and a thrill to perform with her.”

Mikey plans to continue bringing friends from Chicago and other places to continue feeding this music series.

Y’all are invited to help celebrate the new efforts by The Real Thing on Wednesday, November 7th. Ground Zero will be alive with the fascinating show and jaw dropping guitar licks that you can always expect from Guitar Mikey to really connect you to the blues. See you There!

National Release is tentatively slated for December 1st but pre-release copies can be purchased through at or at the release party itself.

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